Our Story


John and Dave met at Techstars Startup Weekend in East Lansing to pitch ideas for startup companies. They teamed up with an innovative suggestion to communicate in the classroom and won the competition. They knew they had a solid idea. Q&A was born


Higher education and K-12 started adopting the platform in their classrooms. Students no longer had to raise their hands. They simply sent questions to their instructor to answer for the class. Students loved it. Teachers loved it. The Q&A feature quickly grew to include other features like polling and evaluations.


The education product was a success. A leader from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) saw the innovative features and decided they wanted to use the platform for their conference. Conferences i/o was launched.


Conferences i/o’s popularity grew to include all kinds of meetings and events. Companies like the Society of Actuaries and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses used the platform to engage audiences at their conferences.


More features were added like integrations into event apps and software programs like PowerPoint. Companies like Amazon, Oklahoma Society of CPAs, Endocrine Press along many others began using the platform in countries around the world. Team Battle was added. (Move Amazon and OSCPA logo to match text)


Today, conferences i/o is used for conferences, continuing education, training, meetings, events, livestream virtual events and a host of other gatherings. Audiences in up to 100 countries globally are more engaged than ever! Conferences i/o is changing the way audiences interact and engage with speakers!

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