5 Ways to Help Speakers Adopt Engagement Technology

Conference organizers who integrate an Audience Engagement Platform into their events naturally want their guest speakers to incorporate it for their presentations. However, not all speakers are willing to learn new tools. What can you do when your presenter goes kicking and screaming about learning new technology?

John Pytel of Conferences io says when conference organizers believe in utilizing an engagement tool, getting speakers on board may be a challenge.

He offers a few strategies for encouraging presenters to adopt the new technology:

  1. Educate speakers about the benefits of the tool. They may not totally understand why it is important.
  2. Make the implementation as painless as possible. Don’t expect them to spend hours setting up.
  3. Set up a rehearsal (or three!) to get them familiar with the tool. That way they won’t feel they are on their own.
  4. Show them how asking a poll question can engage the audience effectively.
  5. Explain how technology is a great way to for speakers leverage the tools for themselves. They can use features to generate their own leads — for instance, add a link to the tool attendees can tap to bring up the speaker’s website, or offer slides or free downloads to collect attendee’s contact information.

Let presenters know how the tools can benefit them. This will convince them to put aside some time to learn new skills.

Please share any ideas you have about encouraging speakers to adopt new technology. We’d love to hear them!